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Package # 2 -------- 30 Sheets of RAAMmat BXT II (56.25 sq ft) and 4 1/2 yards of Ensolite IUO Peel and Stick Foam (62.43 sq ft)

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Product Description

BXT II RAAMmat is a world class automotive sound deadener, the absolute best value on the market, but all mat products work in lower frequency areas primarily.

Ensolite foam takes over from there to deal with higher frequencies, decoupleing, diffusing and is a super thermal barier.

Using both products will more than double the results that either type of product can do on its own.

If you follow the HOW TO guide as close as possible you will acheive incredible results for your time, effort and cost.

We have shipped tens of thousands of kits to our satisfied fellow enthusiasts around the world.

1.5 packs BXT II RAAMmat, 30 sheets, 56.25 sq sq ft.

4.5 yards Peal and Stick Ensolite, 55.5'Wx36" long, 62.43 sq ft, cut from a roll so one section 55.5"x13.5' long will be shipped for this order.

Note: For most vehicle types Package #1 will take care of the most critical areas, door, rear sides, rear wall, etc, depening on vehicle type, (if you wish to add the floor smaller vehicles will require Package #2, larger vehicles will require 2x Package #1)

NOTE II: COMPETION level deadening, If you are building a special case vehicle, audio competition, larger SUV, really loud tires, exhaust, etc....you may need more product.


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  1. With a Thud 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2018

    Love this product. Had just completed an installation of sound system in my 66 Chevy II and needed something to not only help with road & vibration noise (the 66 is a tin can)but also heat from the engine and trans-tunnel.
    Did a lot of research for best product to use for vibration isolation but also sound absorption. Looked at Lizard, Viper, Dyna, Fat, etc. This was the best product for the right price. Probably went a little overboard by putting the BXT-II over about 95% of surface area. I went from as high on fire wall as possible all the way back to the trunk including the complete trunk pan including wheel wells, quarter panels.
    Did 3 layers of BXT II on fire wall, 3 layers on Trans Tunnel and 1 layer everywhere else including the inner door skins.
    Did 2 layers of Ensolite on Fire wall, Tunnel and complete interior floor pan. Put 1 layer on inner door skin and then 1 layer under the door trim-panel.
    The end product was amazing. Doors close with deep THUD, you can actually feel back pressure when closing the doors. You can hold a decent conversation while cruising down the freeway and the sound system can be kept at a decent level without getting drowned out. Mids are strong and the subs sound solid now.
    I also can no longer feel heat coming up from the Trans Tunnel.
    Funny thing is when I took the car out for maiden voyage with the completed installation, I actually thought there was something wrong with the engine because I could no longer hear the same volume from the engine that I was used to gauging shift points on.
    Installation was easy, took me about 56 total labor hours to remove the trunk kit, complete interior, install all the BXT & Ensolite and put everything back together. No cuts, scrapes, etc. just got some sticky spots on my jeans from sitting on a scrap piece of BXT.

  2. not worth the trouble 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2017

    Most ambitious project to rip out the insides of vw rabbit. Put ton of BXTII and topped it with insolite. BXTII was easy to apply. Insolite was very hard. Backing does not come of easily, the backing tares up and hard to remove. Hard to lady down cleanly. After all the trouble, honestly could not tell the difference. Was disappointed. Not worth the trouble. I will try to put more on wheel well in front. Not sure if ask the added weight and trouble is worth it.

  3. If you have a WRX/STi use this! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Aug 2017

    Package #2 was plenty to do the floor, cargo floor, and doors of my 2005 wrx.

    The material was fairly easy to work with, the BXT II will give you paper cuts on your finger tips. You've been warned.

    Installation was straightforward. My WRX has a full 3" exhaust and pro tuned motor, so it is loud. The interior noise feels more isolated and music sounds more crisp, and having a conversation on the highway is noticeably better.

    My car had so many rattles and driving around Seattle was a nightmare and embarrassing with passengers. Now my car sounds solid. Bumps that made my car sound like it was going to fall now sound like a solid thump. I love it.

    I also used the Ensolite on all the interior panel "clip trim" pieces. They rattle against the plastic interior panels.

    I highly recommend Ram Audio. Wish I would have done this years ago.

  4. Boat Installation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2017

    Used RAAMmat to help with boat engine noise. Only half finished so far, but already notice a huge difference. Looking forward to finishing project. Would recommend to anyone with boat engine noise.

  5. best bang for the buck! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2017

    I have an 04 forester and they're notorious for having virtually no sound deadening material from the factory. With this kit I was able to complete all four doors, the rear hatch, and spare wheel well generously. With the doors, hatch, and trunk area complete I had plenty left over to do the roof skin as well. I even have a bunch of ensolite left over from the project. Definitely would recommend this in a heart beat to anyone!!

  6. It is not Dynamat, but that is not a bad thing. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2016

    Had enough to cut into small tiles and get 60-75% coverage of raamat on doors, trunk floor, wheel wells and rear quarter area. I was also able to double up in certain trouble areas. It was much easier to work with than more expensive brands. It is also not as heavy, not sure if this lessens performance but it definitely improved vibration. No noticeable difference with lower Db's , but this will hopefully be addressed by installing MLV over top of the Ensolite which was also very easy to install over the raamat and bare sheet metal. I have yet to install all interior trim pieces and audio equipment, so I will most likely do another review after install is complete. So far so good as far as ease of installation with of package #2 in my 2002 Mustang coupe.

  7. gretag priduct 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2016

    I purchased this product a while ago but have only had the opportunity to use it in my two front doors, to date. Still, it makes a very noticeable difference in the noise levels. The foam backing is very sticky and adheres well both to surfaces and to itself. The high density sound deadener is also of top quality. One thing I would recommend to do differently from the provided instructions is to use the foam to line the inside of the outer door skin (the opposite side of the part you see in the cabin), not the inside surface of the metal part of the door (opposite the above). I would do this because it is much easier to avoid entry points of wires on the door skin than it is to work around exit points for wires and things from the door itself.

  8. Superior Quality, Better Pricing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th May 2016

    Product is of noticeably higher quality than many competitor's products, while also costing less. You really can't go wrong with Raam Audio.

  9. Amazing sound dampening for a 10 year old Mustang GT Convertible 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2016

    My carpet on my 2006 Mustang GT Convertible was wearing out and I decided to rip out the carpet and replace and while doing that, wanted to add some sound dampening as I have an after market exhaust as well as an aftermarket stereo system (Alpine 650 Watt amp, Kenwood head unit and Infinity Primus speakers). With a 10 year old car, worn carpet and after market exhaust (Long Tube headers, Borla Stinger Exhaust), every time I accelerated, the entire car rattled, and I felt vibrations through the floor.

    I did my research and Raammat came highly recommended over competitors due to price and quality.

    I went all out, pulled out the entire interior (except the dash) and put Raammat BXTII and Ensolite over the entire floor up to the firewall, under the back seat and on the sides of the rear seats where the speakers are...everywhere I could see metal. Package #2 covers all of that. I still want to do the trunk and doors and have ordered an additional Package #1 to cover that. With just the floor and back seat covered and a new carpet, the sound is night and day. All of the rattling vibrations are gone, and now I only hear rattles in the doors (which I didn't hear before because the other noises drowned it out) which will be resolved when I cover those with Raammat/Ensolite. I can actually have a conversation in the car while driving and accelerating. The exhaust can still be heard (which is good), but not over powering to the passengers. There is no smell like some other brands.

    It is a bit of a pain to work with....the metal on the BXTII cut up my hands a bit. Maybe I should have worn gloves...lesson learned. The Ensolite is VERY VERY sticky....if you aren't careful and let it fold over, it will stick to itself and be very difficult to pull back apart. A lot of it is a learning curve in installation, but the results are worth it!

    I HIGHLY recommend Raammat, especially if working with a car like mine that is older, had a lot of rattles and vibrations, and have an aftermarket exhaust.

  10. Easy to use, works as advertised 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Mar 2016

    I got the larger kit, and as soon as I opened the box, I could see that this stuff would get the job done. I did a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Access cab. I started with the driver door and decided to completely cover it. When I was done, I did the floor and back panel. Completely covered both. The product was easy to handle, cut, shape and stick. Both the sound deadener and ensolite have quited my cab considerably, and without even doing the headliner or passenger door. Very satisfied and recommend this product!

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