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I researched the Internet for months in search of the best sound dampening materials and came to the conclusion that RAAMaudio was the best bang for the buck. I've since done 4 vehicles with RAAMaudio products, the results are nothing but fantastic. Excellent adhesion, easy application (no need for a heat gun) and top notch quality materials. Rick's website is second to none with info and "how to" instructions for the novice as well as experienced installer. Dealing with Rick has been a pleasure, his endless knowledge in regards to how much material is needed and installation suggestions makes ordering a breeze. I can't say enough good things about RAAMaudio, fast shipping, personal service and products that keep getting better.

The Ultimate sound solution, RAAMaudio....there is no other

Bob Gettinger


I've used RAAMmat in a number of installs, and I've had great results with all of them. Not once have I had the product fall off, or leave a bad smell. It's also VERY easy to work with. I've used other products and they've left me with numerous cuts on my hands. I just got finished using a roll of RAAMmat and I did not get a single cut on my hands.

For the money, there really is no other way to go than RAAMmat. Rick has done the research and supplies a product that impossible to beat for the money. Not only is RAAMmat an excellent product/value, but Ensolite foam works GREAT as well, and he has the cheapest prices (I've searched, he DOES have the best prices). Ensolite foam has helped turn my rattle trap into a Lexus :D Also the spray adhesive he sells works great for gluing the Ensolite foam to the RAAMmat.

If you're still debating on what product to use, I would seriously consider using RAAMmat. It's butyl based, 60 mil thick, very flexible, doesn't cut your hands, WILL NOT fall off and doesn't stink. What else compares to this for the price? Nothing.

Robert D.


Rick is one of the most honest, professional, passionate, and most caring individuals I have ever known. I am truly honored to have met and known him.

Also, Raammat will deliver the best bang for your buck guaranteed! You can't beat the quantity and quality of mat you get for the price!


cam2Xrunner www.elitecaraudio.com www.toyotanation.com


Hi RICK It's Ben again, just letting you know I came in third place in the NISMO soundoff contest. Thanks to your  BXT, everything was great. I didn't know they were so big on rattling. (Judges) Man, they were right at your trunk, to see if any rattling was made by the rear licence plate., and upper trunk. I guess this was new this year, I don't know, but a QUIET car is a RAAMaudio car.

Thanks Rick for everything. By you helping me out before with my questions, it really help me a lot. You are the BEST, when it come to customer service. BXT is AWESOME#1! Oh Rick, at the contest, it was over 100F, and your BXT was holding on, but I saw others, with Dynamat, and other brands, started to peel. WOW! you were right, your BXT, is the best in town.

Ben Carson

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